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22oz bottle

7.7% ABV

Eight years ago, El Segundo (the city) didn’t even know what a Double IPA was. Los Angeles county had FIVE breweries in it, and we knew all the owners on a first name basis. If you wanted a craft beer, you had to go to just a handful of places to find one.

For our very first anniversary we brought Two 5 Left to life. A beefed-up version the IPA we had been successful with all year, Blue House IPA. Simcoe heavy and amber in color this is the IPA of a different time now. Each year after that we brought something fun to the table, but I wasn’t until year 5 that we brewed the current iteration of our anniversary offering. A huge, multi-hop blend on top of a malt profile so thin It disappears when it turns sideways. Over 8% and CRAZY over-hopped, but somehow light as a feather. Finding balance, inside the imbalance

 Each year we tinker with the hop profile, but honestly, don’t mess with perfection. This year, 8 hops for 8 years.