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Baker’s Bourbon is one of four bourbons that comprise Jim Beam’s Small Batch Bourbon Collection. The others in the series are Basil Hayden’sKnob Creek, and Booker’s Bourbon. Baker’s falls third in line proof-wise, with Basil Hayden’s and Knob Creek carrying lower proofs and Booker’s being proofed the highest of the four. Baker’s Bourbon is named after Baker Beam, grandnephew of the legendary Jim Beam.

In the past, Baker’s was a 
small batch bourbon of around 200 barrels blended together before becoming a single barrel product in 2019. Additionally, the bottle states that it is aged a minimum of 7 years with many single barrels chosen for this bottling appearing to be much older in age. The bottle being reviewed was barrelled in January 2011, comes from warehouse CL-D, and has a serial number of 000185706.